When you watch him work out


Doojoon said he was going to go work out, but you had nothing better to do and you had a hard time saying no when he invited you anywhere. Instead of a normal day at the gym however, it seemed like he was intent on playing soccer instead. He warmed up a little bit by stretching and doing laps, while you sat on the benches on the sideline. He wore that uniform well.

You laid your head down on the bench, your arms falling limp on either side. For a moment it crossed your mind that you were being too lazy just watching someone exercise, but you couldn’t care enough to do anything about it. He started a sort of jog that hiked his knees up as high as they could possibly go. You tried your hardest to hide your snickers.

It was a good thing you were dating the man, because you began to think how weird this would seem if you were anyone else. After a bit, he ran over to you, blocking the sun from your eyes. You peered up at him from your comfortable spot on the bench. “C’mon,” he smiled, leaning down in his sweaty state and grabbing your hand. “I’ll teach you soccer!”

He pulled at your arm hard enough to get you upright, but you made your body dead weight so he would have a difficult time with moving you at all. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea…” you tried to convince him otherwise, digging your feet into the ground.

“C’mon!” he laughed, pulling you harder. You tried your best to resist, pulling your arm back.

“Uhh… I’m not dressed for it!” you grappled through your thoughts for another excuse. “Yeah! I don’t want to get sweaty and dirty in this!” It was obvious that you weren’t wearing anything special however, and Doojoon only smiled at your weak reasoning. He gave your arm a strong jerk and you fell over your feet against him and he threw you over his shoulder and started heading onto the field. “Doojoon!” you wailed, pounding on his back to let you back down. Still, he didn’t give in.



If he didn’t want to work out, and you didn’t want to work out, you had a hard time figuring why the two of you were there. He stood in front of the barbell and stared at it on the ground, his face scrunching up in disgust. “I don’t want to lift this,” he pouted. “No.” He whipped out a finger and pointed at it, as if scolding a dog.

You stood there, resting a hand on your hip as you watched his pathetic expression. “Should we just go watch a movie?” you offered, raising an eyebrow. He turned to you, not moving anything but his head. He wore this sad childish expression as he nodded slowly.

That was short lived.



“So… wait,” you held up a hand, trying to gather the situation. “Are we working out together?” you wanted to clarify. You weren’t entirely sure if you wanted him to see you feeling all sweaty, gross and breathing heavy.

“I don’t know,” he muttered, leaning further against the wall and slumping down. “What do you want to do?” he turned his head to you, lazily leaning it against the wall. You shrugged, mumbling that you didn’t know either. “Well… huh.” He turned his head forward again. “Do you want to go for a run?” You scrunched up your nose, unsure how appealing that sounded. “Lift weights?” You still gave no definitive response. “Jump rope? Cardio? Kettle bells? Pilates?”

Your eyes widened as you snapped your head in his direction. “You do Pilates?”

“No! It was just an option for you,” he recovered quickly. You chuckled a little at the thought of him attempting it. He slapped his hands against his knees and pushed himself up. He held out his hand for you and helped you onto your feet. You dusted off your back and realized neither of you had come to a decision on what to do.

“Maybe… you should just teach me how to dance fiction.” You smiled, eyes lighting up a bit. “That counts, right?” He looked a little surprised at first but thought back to how hard those training sessions were.

“Oh yeah,” He nodded his head and nearly scoffed, placing his hand on your back and leading you toward the dance studio. “That counts.”



You were almost tempted to throw yourself over his entire body.

His face was adorable, but once he put the rest of himself on display it was hard for anyone to keep their eyes off of him. This was your territory, and no one else was allowed to see it as far as you were concerned. You ducked and dodged around him, trying to shield him from the others in the gym, though there were very few other girls in there. He laughed at you, unsure of what you were doing.

“Oh…. Nothing…” you chuckled awkwardly, leaning your body in an unnatural position against a nearby machine. He shook his head and smiled, taking his usual route and deciding that it was probably better not to ask. He moved over to the bar and wrapped his hands around it. You furrowed your eyebrows. “Pull ups…? I thought…” your mind trailed off, trying to remember how he fared with these in the past. He sent you a goofy grin and attempted to pull himself up, but was clearly struggling.

It didn’t take very long for him to stop taking anything seriously. He started pointing out his toes at you, and poking your stomach from his spot hanging off the bar. He sent him a look, as if reminding him who was in the more vulnerable position. His grin only grew wider, and you could only interpret that as a challenge.

You kept your eyes locked with his as you inched closer, trying not to look to suspicious but it seemed impossible. When you were an acceptable distance away you pounced, tickling his sides. He started squirming and his arms went limp with no strength left in them. His laugh practically echoed through the room and you were sure you were causing a scene. Still, it wasn’t the first time you weren’t acting your age in public.



You had no idea why you were torturing yourself like this. I mean, really? Did you think you needed some sort of punishment or something? You could only stand by and gape as you watched Kikwang in the gym. This wasn’t fair.

You could feel yourself reeling, twisting your hands around each other to try and keep your mind occupied, though it was still proving to be difficult. Mentally, you had to stabilize your breathing so you wouldn’t pass out.

The man had some serious willpower. You weren’t sure how long it had been, but that light layer of sweat that gleamed on his body left you a little weak in the knees. You could see each one of his muscles defined under his skin as he pulled down on another weight. You were sure your mouth was ajar. He took a death breath as he stopped and shook his head a little to rid his hair of some extra sweat.

He ran the back of his hand against his forehead. You stared at his lightly tanned skin and your brain didn’t register what he was doing before it was too late to mentally prepare yourself. He crossed his arms and tangled his fingers in the cloth of his beater. Your mind started playing the scene in slow motion as he lifted it over his head and the contours of his back were showing off. You could hear yourself gulp out loud.

He turned around to toss his shirt onto the floor and you could see every defined inch of his abs. Your heart started beating double time. He glanced at you for a moment but he needed a double take. His face lit up and he sent you a crooked smile. That was the last straw. Your heart skipped a beat and you were pretty sure you were seconds from fainting.



This was a bad idea.

Dongwoon had nearly dragged you to the gym with him and now he was expecting you to spot for him? You couldn’t see how this could possibly go well. No matter what he lifted, it was quite obvious that if he lost his grip or needed your help, you wouldn’t be able to assist in any way.

Repeatedly you tried to warn him of this but he assured you everything would be fine. Wasn’t there some sort of gym law that you have to have a capable spotter?

“Dongwoon…” you eyed the amount of weights he was putting on the bench press with worry. He sent you a wide grin, setting a final large weight on the other end. “Dongwoon… really…” you tried to persuade him otherwise but he adjusted himself on the bench and readied his shoulders.

You almost winced when he finally did lift it up. A sigh of relief escaped you as he lowered it down to his chest and seemed to have no problem lifting it up again. You couldn’t help but be impressed after looking at the weights on either side of the bar, though your anxiety didn’t subside.

After a few more reps however you noticed his arms begin to quiver. “Dongwoon… do you think you should stop?” you started to look around the gym for someone you could call over to help but no one was really around.

“After… this…” his voice sounded strained, and you were on the verge of hyperventilating. His arms started visibly quaking now and he had the bar almost resting on his chest. It was dangerously nearing his throat to choke him. You nearly screamed, flailing your arms and hovering without knowing what to do to help him. You could feel your heart beating a million miles a minute.

You saw you crack into a smile and as if by a miracle he set it back on the rest, laughing hysterically. “You should have seen your face!” he managed through his hysterics. You stared in shock, wide eyed and mouth open. It didn’t take but a moment for the anger to set in though. You couldn’t even form a coherent sentence with how upset you were. You began blubbering out unintelligible words before you stamped your foot on the ground and huffed.

“That wasn’t funny!” You stomped your way toward the exit.

“Awww C’mon!” he managed to get himself sane again, calling after you. “Come back! …It was a little funny!”


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