When you’re both idols and he says you’re his ideal type


You and the rest of the girls were tightly squished together on the couch. It was one of those rare occasions where no one else in the group had individual schedules and you were all off for the night. The evening turned into something along the lines of those childhood sleepovers you used to have, full of nail painting, gossip, and some junk food (as long as you all promised not to tell the management).

One of the other girls was in charge of the remote and she began flipping through the channels. Another was busy helping you pick out which color you wanted to paint your toenails. You bit your lips and frowned, looking over each color available and turning it over in your hands.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw someone flash across the screen and instantly perked up. “Ah!” you yelled, waving your hand at the screen and forgetting your decision entirely. “Go back! Go back!” The channels flashed a few times before she got to the show you wanted. “There!” you grinned excitedly, “turn it up!”

It was one of those variety shows you had been on only a few times, and your favorite band was sitting there getting interviewed. You bit your lip in happiness, eyes not even bothering to hide your joy. “Ooo…” all the girls cooed, leaning in closer to you. “We know who you’re looking at!”

You felt yourself blush and lean further into the couch, telling them to hush. You caught on quickly that they were about to discuss their ideal types, and you nearly bounced in your seat. Mentally you kept willing the interviewer to go faster, that you didn’t care what she had to say. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity they turned to the man in question.

Your closest friend started hitting you on your leg. You only shoved her hand away and leaned toward the TV because the noise was distracting from his answer. At first he started to describe the type of girl he wanted and you heard your friend nearly scream how that sounded like you. The interviewer pushed him further and asked for a name, and Doojoon looked like he was feigning hesitation, like he knew what he wanted to say all along. His name crossed your lips.

You stared at the screen, wide-eyed with a dropped jaw. Was that your imagination? Were you just hearing that because you wanted to? You turned to look at the other girls and they were all staring at you with grins across their faces. In unison, they all let out high-pitched girly squeals and nearly tackled you back into the couch. “He’s in love with you!” they laughed, teasing and attempting to grab at you.

You couldn’t help but giggle, feeling absolutely giddy. You found yourself falling back into the couch, your face burning. You grabbed the nearest pillow and slammed it over your face in embarrassment. “Ah! I’m so excited!” you felt your best friend pulling at your arm. “You guys have to date now!”



You were really looking forward to this new variety show ever since you learned you’d be on it. Only a few other members of your group would be joining you, but when you looked at the other people that were going to be on you grew ecstatic. “Beast? Beast is going on with us?” one of your group mates nearly fell over herself in excitement. You shared her enthusiasm; the two of you were the resident fangirls of your group, though you tried to keep that part under wraps.

You danced frequently, and the two of you enjoyed learning Beast’s choreography. In particular, you had to admit that Soom was your favorite. When the day finally rolled around, the hosts spoke to you about what they’d like to do and how they’d like to go about it. One of them mentioned a dancing portion and wondered if anyone from the group would be up for it. You exchanged a look with your friend and immediately volunteered for it. “Wonderful!” he smiled, clapping his hands together. “We were thinking about having you do one of Beast’s hits… anything you’re comfortable with?”

Almost too eagerly the two of you mentioned Soom and he seemed excessively pleased. “Perfect, I’ll let them know.”

The show was a lot of fun. Everyone sat around in a giant circle on the floor, giving it a comfortable atmosphere. You did as you were instructed and brought up the dance when prompted to, and the host asked if they’d be up for it. They agreed whole-heartedly, and Kikwang and Dongwoon gave up their positions for you and your group mate. You felt entirely in your element as the song began. You were placed between Hyunseung and Junhyung throughout the circle movement, and you could only hold in your laughter when you remembered that in a later section you were the centerpiece and everyone needed to rest their hands on you.

Everyone cheered when it was over and the host immediately commented on how you looked like you were trying not to laugh through that section. You agreed entirely, making a joke that everyone chuckled at. The host effortlessly segued into the next portion which he said every good show needed, in which you talked about your ideal type. They went around the circle, teasing everyone as they went in a very relaxed and friendly environment. When they got to Hyunseung he paused for while, thinking out loud. The other members of his group teased him, and you couldn’t help but join in. “Aww c’mon just say it!” you chided, making note that everyone else had to as well.

“Well… after tonight,” he grinned, “I think it just might be you…”

“Oh ho ho!” the host sounded excited, clapping his hands along with everyone’s suggestive comments and laughter. “This show just may spark some romance!” Your friend giggled and covered her mouth, falling over you in happiness almost as much as you were.

“Well I guess I better make some room…” Doojoon joked, getting up and moving out of the spot next to Hyunseung.  

“Well what are you waiting for? Get over there!” the host waved you over, pointing at the empty space. Hyunseung lifted his eyebrows at you in a flirtatious fashion. You chuckled and after plenty of cheers from the audience you made your way over there. When you took a seat the room exploded in applause.

“So, you like me?” you teased, scrunching up your nose cutely at Hyunseung. You leaned your arm against his playfully before rocking back. He looked at you and smiled, nodding slightly.

“Get more comfortable! Move a little closer!” the host prodded the two of you repeatedly, demanding something different each time. Eventually the two of you snuggled up together and Hyunseung put his arm around you as you rested your head on his shoulder. “Now isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” the host encouraged the audience, “They look great together!”



You were waiting in the studio, kicking your feet underneath the chair in the additional room. You had never done a radio interview before, so you were incredibly nervous. When you got there however, they commented on how early you were. At first you figured they expected people in show business to be fashionably late, but when they said how early, you realized there must have been a mistake.

Apparently that had to reschedule you a little later, because something came up with the later guests and they had to trade your positions. Management must have forgotten to mention that part to you, but you didn’t mind at all. You liked having an excuse to actually sit down and do nothing for an extended period of time. “I’m so sorry about the mix up,” the host came over to you, gushing and looking like she expected reprimand. “So, so sorry. Is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all?”

You smiled at her kindly, assuring her that everything was alright and in fact you were glad things ended up this way after all. “Please, don’t worry about it,” you smiled, resting a hand on her arm though she still looked a little frazzled.

“Oh goodness you are a doll, aren’t you?” she looked more relieved. “Well you can listen to the broadcast through here,” she handed you a set of oversized headphones. “I’ll try to hurry things up so you aren’t out here too long.” You promised that she didn’t have to rush; you were a surprise guest for the day so it wasn’t like anyone was anticipating your interview.

She left in a hurry, realizing what time it was after she was informed that her other guests were waiting in the studio. You leaned back in your chair once she was gone, listening to the end of the song before it cut back into her program. You were surprised to hear her introduction of the band Beast, who must have been sitting on the other side of the wall from you. You couldn’t help but grow excited; you had been a long time fan of them.

The program ran on for awhile, mixing between songs and chatting with the group. Occasionally they had fans call in and ask them questions, but you were sure they weeded through them. “Here’s a question I’m sure plenty of people are dying to hear the answer to,” you could hear the host smiling. “Junhyung, this was asked for you in particular,” she added as a side comment, “Who is your ideal type?”

Your heart started beating faster. Would you be asked a question like that? And would you be able to bring yourself to say his name, especially since he was on the show right now? He seemed to be mulling the question over for awhile, because it was only right when you started paying attention again that you heard him speak your name. Your heart stopped.

The host sounded pleased, almost giddy in her tone. “Yes…” she agreed, “she’s such a sweet girl I have to admit, and um…” she seemed to be trying to reign in her excitement, as if she was about to burst. “What would you say if I told you she was in the studio right now?”

Immediately all the boys in the studio started hollering and laughing, you could only imagine the teasing going on in there. Through the headphones you could hear the host asking you to come in there. Automatically you started moving in that direction, though it was unconsciously done. When you got to the window to the studio you saw him there staring at you in surprise and blushing slightly. He was sitting next to Yoseob who smacked him playfully in excitement. You felt yourself blush as you greeted him through the glass, a shy smile playing on your lips.

The host ushered you in, pushing you toward Junhyung’s microphone so you’d share since there weren’t any others available. You greeted everyone on the broadcast, and someone behind the glass indicated that the phones were ringing off the hook. You laughed shyly as you glanced at Junhyung but then focused on what you were saying. “I was getting nervous out there,” you confided in the audience, painfully honest, “I was wondering if you were going to give me the same questions!”

“Oh?” the host asked you, tone brightening. “And what would you say to such a question?”

Mentally you kicked yourself for bringing it up, but with how nervous you were honesty was pouring out of you without a filter. “Well I would say that Junhyung is my ideal type,” you dared to peek up at his face as you said it, “but only if that would be appropriate given that he was just on the show.” The host chuckled at you affectionately, commenting on how it was more than appropriate seeing as the two of you seemed made for each other.

You blushed in response but grinned widely at her before turning back to Junhyung who wore the same expression on his face. “Well I suppose this calls for a love song then!” the host announced, introducing the next song and putting it on the air. “We should give you two some time, huh?”



You wandered into the living room, munching on something you didn’t find quite as delicious as you thought it’d be. A couple of your group mates were sitting around the television, waving paper at themselves since it was so hot out. You leaned over the back of the couch, tapping the head of the girl nearest you. She dropped her head back to look at you upside-down, too lazy to turn around all the way. You made a weird face at her and she returned the gesture. “What are you watching?”

She turned back to the television. “Some variety show,” she responded, sounding mildly bored. “Beast is on!” she added, sounding more excited this time as if she had just remembered. She turned around to read your reaction. She knew how close you were with them, one in particular.

“Oh yeah?” you tried to keep your voice level. “Anything exciting going on?”

“Well they just started asking about their ideal types…”

“And you’re not giving it your full attention?” you asked sounding shocked, it was nearing on blasphemy. She mumbled back that if you hadn’t interrupted she would have been, but you hushed her teasingly so you both could pay attention. They started with Doojoon and went down the line from oldest to youngest. You thought about each one as they said it, trying to imagine what each pair would look like together.

When they got to Yoseob, you felt yourself perk up, straining to hear everything he said. He mulled it over for a little bit, talking about how he was paying more attention to what the other’s said than thinking about his own. He chuckled adorably, though it seemed more restrained than the laughter he belted out whenever the two of you were together. Then he answered the question, in a way that made your eyes bulge out of your head. He said your name.

The girl in front of you turned around this time with a raised eyebrow, and you were sure you had the same shocked expression in return. You didn’t know what to say. You stood there in a bit of a daze until they were done interviewing everyone and they went to a commercial. Finally you shook yourself out of it. “This is a live show, right?” you asked no one in particular. When they responded that it was you immediately picked up the phone and dialed his number, walking out of the room so you could talk in privacy.

He sounded happy when he answered, like he figured you might be calling. “Hey! I watch these shows too you know,” you teased him, walking about your room and looking at nothing in particular. “Are you trying to start a scandal? I think they’ve seen us together enough already,” you laughed, toying with a necklace you had hanging off your wall.

“I only said what was true…” he sounded like he was smiling on the other end. You stopped dead in your tracks, frozen in place. “I sort of hoped you would see it…” he continued, “but at the same time I wanted to tell you in person, but… ah! Sorry they need me back on set… can I… can I see you later?”

“Yes!” you nearly yelled into the phone, much too eagerly. You blushed unconsciously, trying to correct your enthusiasm. “Of course… of course you can…” you cleared your throat. You could hear him laugh slightly on the other end.

“I’ll pick you up at eight?”

“Sounds… perfect.” The call ended and the only thing you could manage to do was flop down on your bed and scream happily into the pillow.



You wondered how your group had landed such a perfect spot. Since you were new to the industry, you were surprised to see your band on the same show as Beast. Then again, you wondered if Cube had pulled a few strings to get two of their groups on one show. You loved working with Beast whenever you had the opportunity. They were so helpful and kind whenever you had questions or felt exhausted from all of the training.

Recently you had even been working on a special collaboration with them for a music program. A few of the girls from your group were paired with some from their group in a partnered dance. You happened to be working with Kikwang, and from the sound of it there would be a bit of a preview for it on the show.

The audience roared when everyone came on stage to find their seats, and you talked excitedly with your group mates as you looked out into the crowd. Someone yelled your name from out there, and although you couldn’t see anyone you smiled and waved excitedly, making a funny face in the process which received laughter from the crowd. “We’re on in a few minutes!” someone hollered from behind the cameras, and you had to start behaving.

When the dance was brought up, you mentally prepared yourself to perform. Yet when they started talking about it, they figured they should only show a duet. They decided that the couple that had been working the hardest on it would be the ones to show off their talents, and you were stunned to hear them call out your names. You tried not to show your shock when Kikwang stood up and offered you his hand. You smiled and took it graciously, following him to the open part of the stage and getting into position.

When the music started you felt like you were back in the practice room, working on it without anyone else watching. Kikwang wore the face he always had on when he was dancing; eyes locked with yours so the energy would flow freely between the two of you and give off the best performance. The portion ended and you stopped inches from him, both of you breathing heavily. The audience erupted in cheers, and the two of you smiled and bowed before returning back to your seats.

“Wow! What chemistry!” one of the hosts smiled, still clapping his hands. “Now that’s what I call a performance!”

“Well don’t you remember?” the other host tapped on his arm with her notecards. “Kikwang mentioned that she was his ideal type last time he was here with us! Isn’t that right?” She looked to Kikwang for assurance.

He had just sat back down in his seat and he smiled shyly at her, nodding his head. You felt your eyes widen a bit as you realized that they were talking about you. You were still breathing pretty heavily as you looked up to meet his eyes and you felt yourself giggling without realizing it. All the blood felt like it was rushing to your head and you were certain you were going to faint on screen.

The host interjected again, teasing you both. “Well dance partners is only a short step away from romance!”



Shows were so much more fun to do when everyone was laid back and willing to make everything entertaining. You loved the comedic hosts that turned everything into a ball of laughs, especially when the guests involved made it so easy for the whole show to be hilarious.

You were excited to see everyone else there, hugging those you knew well and falling easily into conversation backstage before they started recording. You could tell right off the bat that it was going to be a blast.

Before you knew it, it was time to find your spots on stage. They had arranged everyone’s nametag so your spot was predetermined, and it only took a moment for you to find yours. You were near the front oddly enough, and you settled yourself in. You felt like these chairs shouldn’t have been as comfortable as they were, you could find yourself easily falling asleep in them.

When the hosts arrived you saw the lights on the cameras turn on to indicate that you were recording. They introduced everyone and the crowd cheered in excitement as everyone spoke. You saw some of the other boys start teasing the youngest of their group, but Dongwoon took everything in stride without letting it bother him. To be honest, it seemed like he enjoyed it. Your eyes met across the stage easily, seeing as you were positioned across from each other and he grinned at you.

As with every program it seemed, the questions started hovering around the theme of romance, and the question of everyone’s ideal type was brought up. Everyone “oo-ed” and “ah-ed” at each response, some interjecting that they would put in a good word for them. When they moved onto the Beast boys, there were a lot of excited yelps from the crowd.

Each member was adorable in their description, only a couple of them naming names along with their ideas. When it was the youngest’s turn, he went into detail about different things he liked. One of the host’s interrupted him, commenting on how it sounded exactly like you. He raised his eyebrows at him and asked if you were his ideal type. Dongwoon smiled a little, commenting on how he wondered how long it would take someone to realize that.

You flipped your hair dramatically as if you were in a shampoo commercial. “Oh really?” you inquired, giving yourself an attempted seductive tone to make the whole thing funnier.

“Why, yes…” he agreed, lifting an eyebrow at you. You began giving him overly-suggestive nods while raising your eyebrows, in a fashion that could only be interpreted as a joke. He began mimicking your movements, sending suggestive looks at each other.  “So I guess this means we should go out for coffee later,” he grinned, continuing to give you the eye.

“I guess it does,” you agreed, your mouth curling into a smirk.

The hosts interrupted you, laughing and demanding that they move on and they didn’t have time for all this nonsense. The subject was dropped as they continued, and the rest of the recording seemed to rush by quickly. When you finally returned backstage, you were only partially surprised to see Dongwoon there as well. He greeted you with a warm smile that made your heart flutter.

“I was serious about that coffee,” he grinned, coming closer to you. “If you’d like to that is.”


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